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Ben's auto repair shop fixed my crashed 1999 Nissan Sentra and did an outstanding job on it. I couldn't have asked for more considering it's an old car that I truly appreciate because of its great gas mileage. The insurance told me that the cost out valued my car when I did the claim and I ended up taking their settlement check which was not a good one. I am taking the time to write out this review for Ben and his auto repair crew for the reason that I'm sure there is a lot of people out there that will most likely end up in a situation such as mine, and I would like to recommend this shop due to its fair price and an excellent service from an honest owner and his crew. BTW...this was my second service done by the shop. Rue

I have been going to Ben for a year now for regular repairs and he's always been honest and fair. When my car got damaged in the hail storm a few months ago my car was totaled by insurance. Since I couldn't afford to replace the car, I took the salvage and the payout, and went to Ben. His price was over $1000 cheaper than the insurance body shop, and he even fixed a few extras that they wouldn't have done! The car turned out absolutely perfect and I am so happy with it! It looks brand new, and as always, Ben and his staff were extremely friendly and helpful throughout the lengthy repair.

Ben's Auto Repair did a GREAT JOB on the repairs of my vehicle. It looks good as new. They were responsive when I called them for a progress report. I would recommend Ben's to anyone who has repair needs. VERY NICE FOLKS.